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What is people saying about Club Cannabis Barcelona

If you smoke to medicate, come here. If you smoke to socialize, come here. If you smoke to relax, come here. Club Cannabis Barcelona is the perfect place to puff on a joint for any reason you fancy. Plenty of cozy places to chill, quality flower and pieces, and brilliant things to look at (check out the glowing night sky on the ceiling).

-Natalie (England) January 11, 2018

I LOVE CLUB CANNABIS BARCELONA! I struggled with Epilepsy for five years and just recently stopped having seizures when I smoked at Club Cannabis Barcelona for the first time. Now, two years later, I have had no seizures. I thank Club Cannabis Barcelona for opening my mind to a more natural alternative. I am able to relax here, meet friends, and better myself as a person. Every time I am there, I feel as if I am on a cloud and surrounded by shooting stars. It is quite the experience and most certainly well worth it!

-Lucy (Finland) March 30, 2019

Club Cannabis Barcelona was just as exciting as walking into La Sagrada Familia. The coffeeshop is so chill and very aesthetically pleasing. The staff is super friendly and welcoming, as well as very knowledgeable about the strains and benefits of the plant. They even have a volcano vaporizer for those who wish to vape instead of smoke. I highly recommend Club Cannabis Barcelona if you’re looking for a serene setting, cool people, and dank nugs.

-Alex (California) February 17, 2019

Club Cannabis Barcelona is a stoner’s paradise. I have been going to Club Cannabis Barcelona for over a year now and have met an Arabian prince, a neurosurgeon and his wife, a group of backpackers, and a little old granny. Club Cannabis Barcelona has made it possible to meet all kinds of people sharing the same love for Mary Jane. Not to mention, the LED night sky is mind-blowing, a perfect atmosphere to medicate and meditate in.

-Maximus (New York) July 1, 2019

My experience at Club Cannabis Barcelona has been nothing but pleasant. There is something really magical about this cannabis club. The comfy furniture, dim lighting, and LED night sky blew me away. The members are extremely diverse, each time I go I end up sharing a joint with someone from the other side of the world. Becoming a member at Club Cannabis Barcelona has made me more confident, relaxed, and social. I plan to be a member for the rest of my life.

-Salim (Saudi Arabia)

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