Why CCB? – The Grass is Greener at The Barcelona Cannabis Club

What makes The Barcelona Cannabis Club different from other cannabis clubs:

  • Top Quality nugs, oils, and edibles for reasonable prices
  • LED ceiling designed as a night sky with astrological features and shooting stars!
  • Chill members who want to relax and socialize, not party and get wasted
  • Premium sound system, perfect for vibing with friends or oneself
  • Flat screen TV’s in private sitting areas, features new movies every week
  • Comfy cozy furniture – beanbags, couches, hammocks, and oversized pillows
  • Clean and sanitary pipes and bongs for smoking
  • Free papers, grinders, and lap-tables for rolling while you’re here
  • Sit down bar offers water, soda, coffee, tea, and beer
  • Yearly memberships
  • Warm, knowledgeable, and personable staff
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